Carbon balanced paper - our impact so far

We are acutely aware of our environmental responsibilities, and we actively seek ways to offset the impact of our work. By purchasing carbon balanced paper in partnership with the World Land Trust, we are working to reduce our carbon footprint.

Between January and November 2020, we managed to preserve an amazing 132,684m² of rainforest.

That’s an area bigger than 18 football pitches!

Antalis – supplier of our Claro, Novatech and Edixion uncoated papers – work to calculate the kilograms of carbon emissions it takes to create and supply the material, and we purchase these ‘carbon credits’ to fund the creation of new woodlands in the UK or to preserve forests in Vietnam.

This year, in partnership with Antalis and the World Land Trust, we have offset 189,816kg of carbon.

Carbon emissions are an unavoidable result of paper production, but together we can work to balance our carbon and reduce our impact on the environment. Ask our experts about carbon-offset paper options for your next printing project.

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