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Getting a quote for printing a Catalogue

Posted 15th May 2017

Getting a quote for printing a Catalogue

Getting a quote for printing your catalogue should be one of the first steps in the production process. The earlier your printer is involved, the easier it will be to answer your design questions and ensure you get the results you’re looking for. In order to get a quote that’s accurate and useful, you’ll need to provide some important pieces of information, take a look at our list of crucial things your printer needs to know.

How many pages?

When calculating how many pages you need, keep in mind that the number of pages you require will have an impact on the type of binding that’s used and this in turn can affect the cost. Remember too, that the total number of pages you have must be in multiples of four. For a catalogue it may actually be more cost-effective to have multiples of 16 pages or even 32 pages. This is due to the way that a sheet is printed, folded and trimmed. It can often cost more to discard pages than to leave in a few blank pages. This is something that your printer will advise you on.

How big?

The size of your catalogue will also determine the cost of the printing. Commonly used sizes like A5 and A4 can be more economical to produce. But any size can be quoted on. If the cost of posting the finished product is going to be a factor, then speak to your printer so that they can give you the best price based on those requirements.

How many?

This is going to have the biggest impact on the overall cost. Generally, the higher the print run the lower the cost per unit will be. Typically a printer will give you a cost for the quantity you want plus a run on cost. This is because printing extra when the job is on the press is going to be cheaper than reprinting at later date.

At Swallowtail Print you can always take advantage of our stock management service where we can store your printed catalogues for you until you need them. We can also handle the mailing and distribution or work directly with your chosen distribution centre.

Type of binding?

Depending on the size of your catalogue, you may have a variety of binding options to choose from. For catalogues with up to 64 pages, you can choose an affordable method like saddle stitch (staples) or a smart, practical option like perfect binding. If you have more than 64 pages then perfect binding is going to be the best option.

For more details about binding options see How to choose the right binding for your printed document.

Type of cover?

With such a wide variety of materials, weights and finishes available this is definitely something that you should discuss with your printer. It goes without out saying that the look of the cover can make or break the appeal of a catalogue and it should reflect the style and content of the products within it.

For a few ideas and a selection of the options available see Brochure printing - front cover finishes.

What paper stock?

The paper stock you choose will affect the cost of your catalogue. It can also have a big impact on its finish, durability and its aesthetic. Its weight and the amount of show-through also need to be considered.

Most printers will have a range of paper samples that they can show you and they will be able to recommend a material that fits your budget and design.

Any special colour requirements or finishes?

Today’s presses will typically be running 4 process colours as standard, with additional plates being used for spot colours or varnishes. This makes the whole printing process more economical and quicker by reducing preparation times. If you have any special requirements, such as embossing, matt laminate or a soft touch finish then give us a call.

To find out more about catalogue printing, or to arrange for a quote of your own, contact a member of our team today.